OMG Network

Financial Access Improves Lives

The OMG Network is the quickest and most affordable way to transfer ETH and ERC20 tokens globally, without restrictions. We are a medium-sized enterprise, with over 50 employees located around the world. OMG Network offices are located in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Poland. Established in 2017 under the brand name OmiseGO.

Our Mission

At OMG Network, we believe that having access to financial services can create economic opportunities and improve lives. We see a world where anyone with a mobile phone and access to the internet is able to store, send and exchange any type of digital value.

How We Do It

Through our one-of-a-kind plasma technology, we’ve created the OMG Network: the leading value transfer network for ETH and ERC20 tokens. Using the OMG Network, individuals and businesses can transact on a financial infrastructure that's several times faster, 1/3rd the cost, and as secure as the Ethereum Network — while retaining full autonomy over their funds and keys. The Network scales by centralizing transaction processing and remains safe by decentralizing security.