AMA 27 – Meet our P2P Payment Network!

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This month we invited OmiseGO team leads, Pong and Win, to respond to community questions about the P2P payment function of the OmiseGO Network as detailed in the post “Meet our P2P Payment Network”. 

AMA Transcript:

Pong: Hey everyone my name is Pong, I’m the product manager for the OmiseGO Network. I’m also responsible for the OmiseGO Developer Program otherwise known as the ODP.

So Win, why don’t you introduce yourself?

Win: Hi guys my name is Win, I’m a business development manager here at OmiseGO my main responsibility is implementing business call strategy around Southeast Asia and beyond.

Pong: Very cool. So, I think today what we’re going to do is answer some of the community questions. These are the questions around the P2P payment network, so let’s give it a go.

Win: Here we go. 

Okay, so here’s our first question. Is the OmiseGO team taking a “let’s build and they will come” approach or do we have an active business development team to market the product?

Pong: This is definitely a very crucial question to any software development.

And I have to say with strong confidence that “build it and they will come” is not our approach. In fact it’s the worst thing you could do to any software company or software product. The process we follow is with a strong customer validation. What we do is we make sure to spend time to talk and communicate with our customers discovering what the pain points are and then bring that feedback all the way in to these internal teams to inform the feature development. That’s a whole iterative process that we follow.

 So maybe Win you can talk a little bit more about how this process works on the business side.

Win: Yeah. So, we do have active business development teams that are making calls, meeting our partners at events. One of these events is at DEVCON, in Osaka this year.

So if you’re interested or on the way there. You’re encouraged to come in find us at our booth. Or can follow all this activity at our website:

Pong: Yep, and we’re looking forward to seeing you and talking to you soon.

And for the second question, the OmiseGO team has stated that they are looking for partners to build/develop a fiat off-ramp on the OmiseGO Network. From my experience, this is one of the biggest blockers to the adoption of dApps and if solved could make the utility of the P2P payment network even greater, as users could convert fiat in app.

Are there currently any interesting solutions being developed for the P2P payment network in the ODP?

Win: Yeah, we completely agree (with the notion about fiat off/on ramps).

Pong: Yeah. I do definitely believe that fiat on and off ramps are a crucial component to any healthy blockchain ecosystem. Now, we are in communication with a few blockchain projects that offer this solution and we are looking forward to communicating in the future with more projects.

One of the potential solutions that we are looking to do is a way to enable users to transfer from fiat to crypto directly within the OmiseGO Network without having to make any complex root chain interactions.

Win: Alright so the last question of the day: 

We are curious to know when the Network launches will there be any consumer products/wallets available from OmiseGO so us non-developers can use the network immediately, or are there jurisdictional issues that prevent offering that to people outside Thailand?

Pong: Yeah, so first of all there should not be any jurisdictional issues that stop the end-user from using a crypto wallet. Now secondly, I think it’s important to stress that the core competency of OmiseGO is to develop the core financial infrastructure, so we are not looking forward to being absolutely one hundred-percent consumer facing. 

Now that said, we are looking at developing a reference implementation wallet and this is going to be a wallet that we give out to the community, to the end users, to learn and educate them on how the plasma interactions work.

So this is more on the purpose of education, as oppose to being a productionized wallet.

Yep, and that’s it for this month’s AMA. If you are still curious to learn more about OmiseGO or about our P2P payment network, please reach us at

Win: Or if you like to meet us face-to-face, we will be at DEVCON in Osaka from October 8-11.

Pong: And that’s where, if you are developing an application or product on a blockchain and you’re curious on building on top of the OmiseGO Network please sign up for consultation and we’ll be there and we’re looking forward to help you figure out how we can work together.

Win: Alright, so thanks again for tuning in.

Pong: And I’ll see you at DEVCON!