OmiseGO April 2019 Roundup

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CEO Announcement

April was ushered in with the announcement of our new OmiseGO CEO, Vansa Chatikavanij. Along with the restructuring in Omise leadership, Jun Hasegawa, now Omise Holdings CEO, also discussed the role OmiseGO plays as a subsidiary of Omise Holdings moving forward.

OmiseGO happily welcomes Vansa into her new role as CEO. We now work towards her vision, priorities and business goals for the company which she laid out in her blog.

Tech Updates:

OmiseGO eWallet Suite

In April, the eWallet team focused on two main items: research and the design of Potterhat; a multi-client Ethereum data service, and continuing development towards the release of eWallet v1.2.

During our first update for the month, we announced improvements on getting account members and keys end points, updating the Android POS Client Wallet dependencies and refractor, and we were able to release iOS SDK 1.2.0.beta.1. We fixed a few bugs like the issue of CORS config #871, the bug on Android POS Merchant Wallet #46 and random test error in WalletControllerTest #872. Early to Mid-April saw the team attending two conferences: ElixirEU in Prague and EDCON in Sydney.

At the end of the month, we finished our two-week sprint cycle and put out a pre-release of the 1.2 version of the eWallet. The pre-release now has features that enable more use cases — especially for smaller providers. The design and implementation of the Potterhat PoC is in progress. This PoC is beneficial for both the eWallet and network node as it improves the reliability of Ethereum clients. This is a slightly challenging task because relying on multiple clients can either significantly reduce downtime, or significantly increase the chance of error.

For more details, check out OmiseGO eWallet Suite updates #21, #22 and #23

Plasma Update

After weeks of testing Ari together with our partners from the OmiseGO Developer Program we felt that Ari reached a level of functionality and stability that was ready for public testing and feedback. As such, in early April, we announced our alpha release Ari becoming public at EDCON.

During the second half of April we continued to monitor Ari’s public performance. The work on this “post-Public Alpha” has been focused on improving our support for running production service while still on PoA. There has been some cleaning up on documentation to ensure easy and accurate usage. Better monitoring of the health of our services has also been looked into by decoupling internal services within the childchain and watcher. Some features we’ve worked on this month would be the adding of ERC-712 signing support, ERC-20 exit support, Parity Node support, and UTXO management.

For more details check out Plasma updates #17 and #18

Public Alpha Announcement

This month we invited the public to test on Ari and to provide feedback that would be vital to the network’s development.

The version of the OMG Network available to the public implements More Viable Plasma for ETH transfer and Minimal Viable Plasma for ERC-20 token transfer, with a single operator, secured against the Rinkeby Ethereum Testnet. It supports the full plasma lifecycle — deposits, transfers, exits, and in-flight exits. In our testing, we’ve already been able to process over 1.2MM transactions with a peak measured throughput of over 2700 transactions per second so far.

As mentioned in the initial announcement, this version, an Alpha release, has a few known bugs that will soon be fixed with a Network Update that is currently under development.

EDCON 2019

OmiseGO was at EDCON! We were in Sydney as a sponsor of EDCON HACK 2019. There, we participated in a hackathon –our engineering team was there as mentors and we had Thibault, eWallet team lead, as one of the judges. Pong, Product Manager at OmiseGO, gave a workshop on how to conduct transactions on the OMG Network during the second day of the hackathon.

During the main conference Pepesza Peregud, Software Developer at OmiseGO, gave a talk on the security threats that centralized cryptocurrencies experience and how OmiseGO is exploring hybrid solutions that look to extend the security of plasma for asset exchange.

Find out what else happened at the land down under by checking out our blog.

Events to look out for:

May 24–26 2019 — SURGE, Bangkok

May 31- June 2 2019 — CryptoChicks Hackathon + Blockchain & AI Conference