Blockchain Team Update 31

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Blockchain Team Update 31 – Starting last week, we kicked off our contract audits! This came at the end of an intense two week period for us that started with DEVCON 5, proceeded to a Hack Week, and ended with our company workshop. 

During this time, it was all hands on deck to get everything ready for audit, which included documentation, integration work, and cleaning up any known issues with the contracts. It was both, extremely productive and extremely exhausting. 

But that’s not all, we’re working closely with our auditors over the next few weeks to address any issues they find. On the child chain and watcher side, we continue to improve the integration work to the contracts. We’ve been able to spike the integration so that it’s feature complete. Now we’re working to improve the stability and resilience of the integration. 

Stay tuned for a new public testnet announcement in one of our upcoming Blockchain Team Updates.