Blockchain Team Update 34

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Sorry for the delay, we promised ourselves that our next Blockchain Team update would be a good one! 

The past few weeks have been focused on finishing up all the major audit recommendations. We’ve removed all the code intended for yet-undefined future transaction types. This reduces complexity of the contracts, making them easier to understand and more secure. Our RLP handling has significantly improved and we’ve reduced possible vectors of attack. We’ve also cleaned up numerous minor recommendations. With the recommendations addressed, we’ve started the push to finish the audits. We expect final audit reports by the second week of January.

Throughout this process, we’ve been continually integrating elixir-omg with the contract changes, as well as updating our deployment tooling. With our improved deployment processes, we were able to quickly set up the entire system against Ropsten last week. This is our first environment on a Proof of Work root chain and paved the way for a mainnet environment.

On Friday, we deployed an environment against mainnet and successfully performed a transaction lifecycle test (deposit, transact, start exit). This is the OMG Network’s first mainnet transaction! 

Since the contracts are still under audit, this is a private internal environment for our own testing. We learned a lot about our mainnet processes and tooling along the way.

This is a major milestone for OmiseGO. It has been a long road for us to get here and we’re delighted to be able to finish the year with it. 

Have a great holiday! We look forward to even more exciting Blockchain Team updates next year!