Central Bank Digital Currency
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What is a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)?

What is a Central Bank
Digital Currency?

Issued by the Central Bank, CBDC is digital money that provides cash-like properties while improving on paper currency.

Cash-like Properties

Is legal tender with supply controlled by the Central Bank.

Existing financial service providers continue to play a key role as CBDC intermediaries.

Nationally accepted as a form of payment.

Can be interest-bearing and serve as collateral.

Familiar and easy to use with a 1:1 peg to traditional currency.

Improvements to Cash

Central Bank Digital Currencies remove the need for a central bank to rely on intermediaries like clearing houses, ensuring payment efficiency and decreased transaction costs.

CBDC unlocks a new channel for monetary policy transmission (ie. helicopter money), in addition to indirect tools to  control money supply such as quantitative easing, interest rates, and more.

CBDC balances are stored on a shared ledger making them a safe store of value independent of provider or device.

An open API standard facilitates the rapid development of and competition between innovative financial services.

Why Should Central Banks Adopt Central Bank Digital Currencies?

The effect of a 10% increase in digital money adoption across the top 300 economies:

people would gain access to financial services

lift in customer spending
saved through digitized disbursements
cash handling costs can be avoided

Why CBDC on OMG Network?

Plasma's Ethereum-based, high-throughput platform combines the security of blockchain technology with the speed and utility required from next-generation financial rails

Central Bank Digital Currency

  • Control and monitor money supply with ease.

CBDC on OMG Network

  • Issue CBDC on a scalable platform capable of meeting the transaction speeds and volume required for Retail CBDC.
  • Lend CBDC efficiently to increase market liquidity.
  • Tokenize government securities that can be directly bought/sold with CBDC.
  • Offer interest-bearing CBDC wallets with adjustable rates.

Traditional Banking System vs CBDC Payment System

Traditional Banking System
CBDC vs traditional banking system Image
Central Bank Digital Currency Payment System
CBDC digital currency payment system

How Does CBDC Powered by Plasma Work?

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