Christian Breitkreutz on Powering Communications at OmiseGO

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Amongst the RLC codes, child-chains, and hashes, communications seem like a distant thought in a blockchain company. 

But while keeping up with each other’s work is easy when you’re based in our Bangkok office, how do we keep our remote employees up to speed? Especially when they’re spread across three different time zones? 

We sit down with our Marketing and Communications Manager, Christian Breitkreutz, to discuss the secret sauce behind efficient communications at OMG Network.

Could you tell us about your background and what brought you to OmiseGO?

My background is a lot different to those at OmiseGO. I used to work in politics in Germany and moved to Bangkok, found out about the company and thought it was an exciting opportunity.

What do you do as Communications Manager?

Communications managers are the sum of everything related to communications and marketing. At OmiseGO, I work to connect the dots between internal and external communication – from conducting public relations training to promoting our products to market.

Were there any surprises in taking on this in-house role that you hadn’t expected after your years in Germany?

I came from a pretty conservative background in people and politics, where things do change but at a slower pace, at OmiseGO, everyday is different. Because the industry moves fast there are developments in the technology we’re working on frequently, and keeping up with it all is exciting and challenging.

What is the importance of communications in a blockchain company?

The most important thing at a blockchain company is making people understand. Starting from myself, for when I grasp the subject, I can send out the message to others and ensure people recognise what we’re doing. For many people blockchain is still rock-science.

What are some of the challenges you face as a communications professional with team members around the globe?

The big challenge is to provide people with important information at the same time, make sure they see it, read it, and understand it. Another difficulty is keeping track of time differences. It’s okay if we have to follow only two time-zones, but with team members spread across from Asia to North America to Europe, aligning everyone is a little trickier than usual.

How do you maintain clear communications with remote employees?

The basic tool we use is Slack. However, because it moves so fast and a lot of information gets sucked by time, we pair it with a few other communication channels. So we use emails for more ‘formal’ communications and we also ensure we see each other’s faces when it comes to video conferences. This allows us to catch all the nuance when it comes to communications and also builds a bond between co-workers in 

What inspires and excites you about OmiseGO?

I’m inspired by the people surrounding me – they’re sharp! I also enjoy how fast the industry moves, I learn something new everyday, and everyday holds a new surprise. It’s a fantastic chance and challenge.