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The Bigger Picture: Varna, Hashcast, and Quasar

In Blog, Community by TXH

The OMG Community Blog is written and managed by active community members of the OMG Network. If you’d like to contribute content, contact us. Where Are Layer-2s At The Moment? Scaling Ethereum is likely to be a never-ending battle. Users …

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Building The Supply Side of The Reddit Community Points Engine

In Blog, Community by Darpan Keswani

The following is a highlight reel of the webinar held by Curvegrid x OMG Network on the 28th of August, 2020. The webinar was conducted by Dan Briskin (Software Engineer, Curvegrid), where he discussed how Curvegrid built a fully functioning dashboard for the Reddit Community Points Engine (our submission for The Great Reddit Bake-off) in under 30 days.