Enya Joins OMG Network As Strategic Partner

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OMG Network is delighted to partner with Enya to enable a new generation of decentralized apps that are both censorship-resistant and privacy-preserving.

OMG Network joins forces with Enya, the largest provider of secure multiparty computation in the world, serving millions of users across 91 countries. Combining Enya’s secure computation technology with the speed and cost-effectiveness of OMG will enable a new generation of decentralized apps that preserve privacy while remaining resistant to censorship.

Leading this partnership are Alan Chiu and Jan Liphardt, Co-Founders at Enya. “The partnership between Enya and OMG opens up exciting opportunities in the decentralized world,” says Alan Chiu, Enya CEO. Their collective experience brings leadership to OMG, with a focus on accelerating the growth and adoption of the OMG platform.

Enya and OMG will develop joint products, expanding the notion of what Layer-2 solutions are. “We believe scaling is one thing, but many other co-processors will be required for Ethereum to become the definitive platform on which to build the next generation of secure and private distributed services,” says Jan Liphardt, Enya Chief Technologist.

“We are excited to partner with Enya in evolving the OMG Network into a top Layer-2 scaling solution,” says Clement Ip, GBV Capital CEO. “Enya’s cutting-edge privacy technology and experience combined with OMG’s proven high throughput and low transaction costs makes our network one of the premier platforms for decentralized applications developers."

Who is Enya?

Enya is a data privacy company based in Palo Alto, California. Founded by a Stanford team, Enya operates the world’s largest secure multiparty computation platform, protecting the privacy of millions of users in 91 countries. As the only secure computation platform optimized for edge devices, Enya offers the easiest way to analyze sensitive data without compromising privacy.

Meet The Minds Behind Enya

Alan Chiu is the CEO of Enya and has more than 20 years of experience building and investing in enterprise software companies in distributed systems, cybersecurity, and financial services. Alan also serves on the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Board, as well as Co-President of Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs. Prior to Enya, Alan was a partner at XSeed Capital focused on seed and pre-seed enterprise startups.
Jan Liphardt is an Associate Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University and a Professor in Residence at StartX. For his PhD work at Cambridge University, he used computers, information theory, and statistics, such as stochastic context-free grammars, to find patterns in genomes. He was a physics professor at UC Berkeley until 2013 when he moved to Stanford. In 2016, he worked with Joe Biden’s cancer moonshot initiative and a social network to help patients share sensitive medical data. Jan helped to start Enya in 2018, as a way to reframe how sensitive information flows through the internet and how data analytics can be better balanced with privacy.