Integration Team Update 30

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In the past two weeks, we’ve continued working on the Ethereum integration. The ERC-20 tokens features have been merged and we are now writing up some integration tests where our codebase will interact with Geth during tests. 

We’ve also made some great progress on receiving blockchain transactions and updating the relevant local balances using our HD wallet system. We had to refactor and improve things here and there, but we’re nearing the finalization of this feature. 

We have also been working on implementing Shamir’s Secret Sharding, a scheme for splitting private keys into multiple parts where at least a specific number of parts are required to compose the original key. Shamir’s Secret Sharding, in combination with a technique called Key Wrapping, can be used to improve the security of private key storage.


Here are the main items we’ve knocked out since the last update:


  • Update tokens to integrate Ethereum compatibility (#1081)
  • Add endpoint to create cold wallet references (#1111)
  • Add ERC20 token generation from the eWallet (#1116)

In progress

These tasks are currently being worked on or are pending review by the OmiseGO Integration Team members:


  • Implement integration tests using Geth (#1127)
  • Receiving blockchain transactions (#1123)

As always, you can follow our progress on the eWallet GitHub project page and on our GitHub Milestones page. If contributing code is your thing, we have a list of issuessuitable for first-time contributors. Be sure to check it out!



  • RPC relay (#25)
  • Metrics via Telemetry (#29)

Next steps

As we now have a minimal working version of Potterhat with Ethereum’s JSON-RPC support, the next step is to integrate it with the eWallet for real-world testing. Once done, we will explore Ethereum’s Pub/Sub to support integration with omisego/elixir-omg.

You can track Potterhat milestone and progress on the Potterhat repository and read more about it (or add some ideas and suggestions) on OIP-15.

The Integration Team