Introducing The OMG Network Engineering Blog!

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The OMG Network engineering blog is written, managed, and updated by the OMG Network’s Engineering Team.

Welcome to the OMG Network Engineering blog! This will be a place where we can share some of the details of what we’re working on, the battles we fought along the way, and what we learned from them.

Working on a brand new protocol for Layer-2 scaling like plasma, we often feel like we’re paving the road just ahead of us as we’re speeding down it. We have an experienced cross-functional team from a wide variety of technical backgrounds. Even so, when we ask “what’s the best practice here,” we often end up answering, “we need to define it.” This is the most challenging and exciting aspect of our work – adapting our deep technical experience to brand new technology. It’s creative and rewarding. It’s also demanding, especially when there is monetary value on the line.

Our primary motivation for this blog is to share some of this work and contribute back to the community. OMG Network started its life as a public good, and we will continue that mission. The process of sharing this work also helps us sharpen it. We look forward to any feedback or discussions that may come up.

We’re also delighted to shine the spotlight on our incredible engineers and give you a glimpse of what the culture is like at OMG Network. On the OMG Network engineering blog, you can expect everything from highly technical posts revolving around topics like infrastructure and security, to “day in the life’s,” to posts about how we do things.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up Soon™️

  • How We Ship Smart Contracts, Box Software, And a Web Service – All At Once.

  • The OMG Network Exit Conundrum.

  • What defines production-ready at OMG Network?

Kasima is spearheading plasma’s development and solving blockchain’s scalability challenge. Previously, he founded GitHub’s billing and payments team and has over two decades of experience building and scaling early-stage startups.
Kasima Tharnpipitchai, CTO, OMG Network
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