Learnings From the OMG Network V1 Testnet on Ropsten

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Early last month we launched the OMG Network V1 Testnet on Ropsten. This is the closest environment to the mainnet and given how the month unfolded, we decided to look back at what we’ve learned.

  1. Load Tested and Handled!
    We performed a load test to see how the network on Ropsten will handle increased transactions. We’re happy to report that the network showed no noticeable signs of slowing down or malfunctioning during testing.
  2. Satisfying Resilience:
    CPU usage on our clusters was (and still is) at 5%. This signals to us that our network can handle an even larger amount of transactions/load with ease.
  3. A Lot of Transactions:
    Over 28,000 transactions were made on the OMG Network, making the reception of this testnet environment mind-blowing to us. 44 blocks were created to process these transactions.
  4. Ropsten Destabilized:
    And we were one of the first to detect it when blocks 16,000 and 17,000 were submitted, but not mined. The child chain tried re-submitting the blocks and our resilience algorithms proved themselves as the blocks were mined as soon as Ropsten stabilized.
  5. Encountered and Fixed a Critical Bug:
    Thus fulfilling the purpose of a testnet! The bug was found in our root chain plasma-contracts v1.0.3. As a result, we had to conduct a hard network upgrade, which we redeployed on March 12th after just an hour of downtime.