Blockchain Rewards Powered by Plasma
Retain Customers, Foster Brand Loyalty, and Digitize Reward Programs With Blockchain for Enterprise

Challenges With Current
Loyalty Programs
Legacy systems prevent enterprises
from meeting the customer where they are.
Customer Frustrations

Reward expenditure is limited by location, currency, or in some cases award type.

While customers view international companies as one entity, they are often confused by having to manage different balances in each country.

Reward redemption and exchanging loyalty points between affiliated businesses is difficult.

Digital natives expect loyalty programs to behave like other systems they are familiar with, including instant rewards and social network integration.

Enterprise Challenges

Integration/reconciliation across enterprise systems of internal and external entities is expensive and tedious.

Traditional platforms are not designed for open integration and interoperability.

The collection of holistic customer behavioral data is cumbersome if not infeasible.

Legacy systems cannot distribute points in real-time and are unable to provide instant redemption.

Why Switch To
Blockchain Loyalty Solutions?
Integrate rewards across affiliated company programs to enjoy quick settlement, automatic reconciliation, and increased points usability.
Why Loyalty Powered by Plasma Technology?
In the era of the internet, the digital native expects control, speed, and flexibility — more so when their assets are involved.
Ensure Security

Traditional loyalty architecture is susceptible to security issues like double spending, points fraud, and manipulation.

Plasma technology ensures security by providing an immutable, verifiable open ledger of all transactions.

Grow the Bottom-Line

Achieve immediate cost savings with instant settlement and the elimination of costly reconciliation processes.

See revenue grow as your rewards increase in value by allowing customers to redeem, save, or transfer rewards where they want, when they want.

Cultivate an Ecosystem

With Plasma, reward programs can seamlessly integrate across business entities to create a vast ecosystem for reward redemption

Collaboration opens the door for innovative and mutually beneficial multi-entity promotions and programs.

Retain with Personalization

Enterprise data is siloed. Plasma technology creates a single view of each customer through a unique ID and makes transaction data available to the larger ecosystem.

With a comprehensive understanding of a customer’s behavior, enterprises can optimize reward programs while personalizing experiences and offers.

Increase Brand Engagement

Plasma technology enables the earning and redemption of rewards through a single mobile wallet. Rewards can be combined, swapped, and programmed to hold business logic throughout the ecosystem.

Enterprises can then easily provide the functionality needed to ensure customer engagement and brand motivation.

Fuel the Next Era of Loyalty With Tokenized Rewards and an Open Ecosystem
Plasma can accommodate multiple digital assets, enable new features, and keep up with the fast pace of technological change.
The Ethereum-secured and high throughput Plasma Childchain serves as the system's transaction layer and immutable transaction log.
The loyalty optimized API-suite is flexible and can evolve with loyalty's changing landscape — all while abstracting the complexity of blockchain technology.
With dashboards, metrics, and advanced reward token management - for both program operators and merchants - garnering insights into reward program impact is easy.
Plasma's integration-friendly platform seamlessly hooks into existing enterprise systems like reward engines, CRMs, mobile apps, and eWallets.
Both custodial and non-custodial multi-asset plasma wallets are supported. Start by handling tokenized rewards on behalf of your customers and transition to allowing them full control within a globally connected rewards ecosystem.
Embrace the Future of Loyalty with Enterprise Blockchain
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