OmiseGO March 2019 Roundup

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Tech Updates:


The first two weeks of March were devoted to onboarding developers to the OmiseGO Developer Program (ODP). Response to the program has been great so far and we are looking forward to see more engagement with our community of developers. This time with the initial operation of Ari, we discovered a bug with our connectivity to Ethereum Client. We have since implemented a workaround to allow the services to function normally. We continue to monitor their performance.

During the latter half of the month, we completed the development of a few features,cleaned code and fixed bugs. We completed two main developments. The first main development is the UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) management, which is the transaction model employed with our MVP framework. This feature allows users to merge UTXOs without having to pay extra fees; drastically improving the UX of making complex transactions. The second development is the adding of support to an arbitrary data field in transactions. The arbitrary data field allows transactions to be used for additional purposes rather than just UTXO transfers. This enables applicability of transactions across a wider range of use cases.

We continue to learn about our alpha testnet through the validation phase. We’ve run into some issues and have implemented bug fixes. As it goes with engineering, the continuous and careful monitoring of our network will allow for better iterations in the future.

For more details check out Plasma updates #15 and #16

OmiseGO eWallet Suite

This past month, we added a few blockchain features; the most notable feature offers users the ability to generate an Ethereum account within the eWallet. With this feature, one can easily set up an account that can be used from within the eWallet and interact with the Ethereum blockchain without having to switch screens or applications. Another feature is the permission system which was merged and integrated throughout the app. What this means is that it will now be easier for eWallet developers to check a well-defined set of rules for user access in one place instead of having to search through the entire codebase. This feature paves the way for the creation of custom roles and permissions for providers as well.

In addition to the above features, we designed a new admin panel. The focus of the redesign is to give administrators a better experience when managing accounts. The redesign of the admin panel offers more flexibility, giving administrators the ability to view more account specific details at the launch of the application panel.

Previous Design
Updated user interface

Lastly, we focused on completing the development of eWallet version 1.2. We made minor bug fixes and worked on the client keys feature that offers the ability to function without a master account and offers balance-viewing permissions. The team explored ways to make blockchain integration seamless, dedicating time to finding the right architecture and interface, and how to support blockchains other than Ethereum in the future.

For more details, check out OmiseGO eWallet Suite updates #19 and #20

Pre-EDCON Workshop

Pong Cheecharern, Product Manager at OmiseGO and mentor at EDCON2019 Hackathon (EDCON HACK) gave a pre-EDCON talk on Microtransactions on Plasma Chain earlier this month. In the video, Pong talks about several aspects of microtransactions on a plasma chain and specifically how these transactions can happen on the OmiseGO Network.

In case you missed it, learn more about the workshop details here.

Boston Consulting Group — Future of Payments, Singapore

Vansa, Managing Director, OmiseGO, was part of Boston Consulting Group’s Future of Payments panel in Singapore. Vansa was joined by representatives from Lazada, UOB, Monks Hill, Visa, and the Senjo Group. The panel discussed the evolution of payments, value added services and the role of eWallets and blockchain in our increasingly global economy.

Vansa shared with the audience, OmiseGO’s role in the future of payments. Blockchain is seen as a big player in the payment ecosystem of the future, and OmiseGO’s products (OmiseGO eWallet Suite and OMG Network) will help people operate within this ecosystem. The OmiseGO eWallet Suite serves as the mobile gateway, whereby people can connect to the network and conduct transactions. The OMG Network will enable interoperability of wallets, currencies, tokens and payment networks.

Events to look out for:

April 8–13 — EDCON 2019, Sydney

April 8–10 — EDCON HACK, Sydney

We’re going to be at EDCON!

OmiseGO is a partner and sponsor of EDCON HACK in Sydney. OmiseGO product manager and engineers will serve as mentors at the 48-hour hackathon and Kasima, Director of Engineering will participate as a judge. Additionally, OmiseGO is organizing a workshop on how to develop transactions on the OMG Network. The workshop will be conducted by Pong on the second day of the event.

Building the OMG Network: Plasma and Securing Exchanges on Plasma — EDCON Main Conference (time TBA)

Pepesza Peregud, Software Developer,OmiseGO, will give a talk on the security threats that centralized cryptocurrencies experience and how OmiseGO is exploring hybrid solutions that look to extend the security of plasma to asset exchange.