A new chapter, and a parting note

In Blog by Vansa Chatikavanij

When we established the OMG Network in 2017, our vision was simple: build a value transfer and payment rail which would enable financial access and inclusivity – reducing challenges that millions of people face every day.

Fast forward to 2020, we have deployed the first production-ready scaling solution on Ethereum and integrated with Bitfinex to deposit 3 million USDt on the OMG Network, bringing us one step closer to achieving our goal. These accomplishments are major milestones for the team, who in the face of different hurdles, have worked hard to stay true to the original vision and bring OMG Network to where it is today.

Throughout this time, the team has genuinely been our extended family. There were times when our colleagues knew us better than we knew ourselves. Through countless late nights, the ups and the downs, together we have accomplished a lot. We cannot express how grateful we are to be a part of the OMG Network team, who have stayed loyal and committed to the project.

As the company embarks on a new journey with GBV, we feel this is the right moment for us to step back so the new leadership can carry the company forward. OMG Network will always be close to our hearts and we’re immensely proud of everything we've achieved. We wish GBV and the OMG Network team well as their next chapter begins.

Vansa, Stephen, and Kasima