A New Web Wallet and Documentation Site

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Everything that’s new with our js-starter-kit (web wallet) and documentation site!

After our previous testnet release we received great feedback on our documentation and Web Wallet (formerly js-starter-kit). We’re super grateful for your constant support, and we’d like to show you that we value your ideas. So, linked below is our brand spankin’ new documentation site and Web Wallet, alongside the changes we implemented based on your suggestions!

What’s New: Web Wallet (formerly js-starter-kit)?
Learn About the Network While Making Actual Transactions!

The deployed Web Wallet allows users to deposit and transact on the network in a few clicks. Use this getting started guide for a simple walk-through — learn about the network without additional set up or writing any code.

What’s new: Documentation site?
Engage, Educate, and Build Your Way

We’ve created a section which allows developers to view and engage in more in-depth technical discussions for integrators building on the network. With code examples using the omg-js javascript library, app developers can learn and build on the intricacies of the OMG Network.

Simpler FAQs

No documentation site is complete without an FAQ section. Here, you’ll find details surrounding higher-level topics and decisions around our plasma design. We’ve tried to create docs that are simpler and more user-friendly. We approach integration on a higher-level without getting into the nitty-gritty of smart contact codes and watcher/childchain implementations. 

Have fun exploring, learning, and transacting. If you’d like early access to things like our web wallet, documentation sites, and our testnets, join the ODP!