OMG Network Repo is Now Open!

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As of this posting, the GitHub repository for an early alpha release of the Tesuji milestone is now public! Tesuji Plasma is the basis of the first release of the OMG Network. Although we are still testing internally at this point and are not ready to release on public testnet, the repo contains instructions for anyone who would like to download the child chain server and watcher (software which monitors the behavior of the Plasma chain and root chain) and play with it — with the caveat that this version is neither finished nor stable, and should not be used in any production setting at this point.

We have been working hard and are thrilled to share this progress. The design being released this week is based on the Minimum Viable Plasma (MVP) design and built in anticipation of MoreVP (More Viable Plasma) implementation.

Initial integration of the eWallet with the Tesuji OMG Network will support creation, management and transfer of ETH/ERC-20 tokens between eWallets and users; deposits and transfers to the OMG Network. Tesuji Plasma is built for cheaper, faster transactions without sacrificing safety, with native support for ETH (as opposed to Wrapped Ether) and ERC20 tokens.

This initial iteration will be Proof of Authority (PoA), with OmiseGO acting as the validator, while we prove out our Plasma implementation and continue working towards Proof of Stake. During the PoA phase, all fees collected will be used to buy OMG tokens which will then be burned.

Tesuji Plasma has already been released on an internal testnet. This is an operating child chain which is connected to an internal Ethereum test network. We will move to public testnet once we consider it safe and responsible to do so.

To get into more detail about some of the elements of the design, check out:

Work is still very much in progress, so breaking changes should be expected. We wanted to share the progress so far and invite the wider developer community to start getting involved.

If you are a developer and have any questions, please join us at!