OmiseGO 2019 Year-End Roundup

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It’s human nature to look back at the end of each year. And why not? There’s a lot you’ve accomplished! In our case, we deployed two iterations of our network: Ari and Samrongdoubled our team, and spoke at key events that have us excited about Blockchain’s future.

We weren’t able to pack everything that happened this year in one post, but here are some key highlights.

January 2019

ShinhanCard demonstrate a cross-border PoC using OmiseGO! The Korean Conglomerate aim to increase adoption of ShinhanCard’s loyalty program to international markets and enable borderless interoperability. Here’s a demo of ShinhanCard transacting using the OMG Network.

February 2019

In February, we debuted our Alpha release (Ari). Over 28.5k transactions were processed in 24 hours thanks to our partner, Hoard, running Plasma Dog on our network. 

Together with the debut of Ari, we launched the OmiseGO Developer Program (ODP). The ODP is an ongoing program for those who wish to build their own projects on top of the OMG Network. 

If you’ve got a dApp, dev. tool, Fiat On/Off ramp, or a security tool you’d like to build with us, sign up here.

March 2019

OmiseGO, was part of Boston Consulting Group’s Future of Payments panel in Singapore. The panel discussed the evolution of payments, value added services, and the role of eWallets and blockchain in our increasingly global economy.

April 2019

April was ushered in with the announcement of our new OmiseGO CEO, Vansa Chatikavanij! We also invited the public to test on Ari and provide feedback. In our testing, we processed over 1.2MM transactions with a peak throughput of over 2,700 transactions per second.

May 2019

In May, we happily announced the coming of the second release version of the OMG Network —  `Samrong` We also collaborated with UNICEF Innovation, UNICEF Thailand and KXMADE to bring SURGE to Bangkok.

June 2019

We deployed the Public Alpha of Samrong! The new iteration of our network came with several improvements, such as running on MoreViable Plasma (MVP), increased stability, and the ability to sign transactions using the EIP-712 standard.

July 2019

We welcomed Tipsuda Thavaramara who joined OmiseGO as Regulations and Compliance Advisor. Ms. Tipsuda has 26 years of experience at the Thai Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

August 2019

We launched our new website and continued to work on Plasma security models.

September 2019

In September 2019 we presented our P2P Network! A layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution that allows developers to build and integrate solutions to enable speedy, low-cost, peer-to-peer payments. Our CTO, Kasima, also presented “Our Flavour of Plasma” at the Thailand Fintech Fair.

October 2019

The team kicks off contract audits! With an emphasis on working closely with the auditors, we work towards cleaning up known issues with contracts, documentation, and integration work. This was also the month of events, as we attended Unblock: TokyoDevcon 5San Francisco Blockchain Week, and met up for a week-long company workshop in Thailand!

November 2019

The audit moves along, and the child chain and watcher get a new set of updates. Both get an improved set of functional tests which raises our confidence in the upcoming resilience refactoring work. We also visited #INBLOCKS2019, where we give a talk on “trustlessness and distrust on Plasma.”

December 2019

We deployed an environment against mainnet and successfully performed a transaction lifecycle test (deposit, transact, start exit). This is the OMG Network’s first mainnet transaction.


We’ve experienced a fair share of victories and hard knocks this year. The deployment of two network iterations, and the launch of a P2P network were major milestones. 

But in hindsight, we’ve learned that the path to financial inclusivity is an uncharted one — Vansa likes to describe it as “navigating with a compass instead of a map.” This is something no one’s attempted before, and to be at the forefront of it is something we’re grateful for.

OmiseGO is growing quick, we’ve got a team of solid professionals from reputable backgrounds all working towards the same goal. And trust us, it is not long before we achieve what we’ve set out to do.

But before we wrap up the year, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate you. Thank you for sticking with us through the milestones and the lessons — our team is sincerely grateful for your continuous support.

We can’t wait to show you what 2020 holds.

Happy Holidays!

The OmiseGO team.