OmiseGO at EDCON 2019

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G’day mates! As you may know, EDCON 2019 is an annual Ethereum community event and this year, it was held in Sydney, Australia. In addition to the three-day main conference, the community organized “Sydney Blockchain Week,” a series of social events, meetups and a pre-conference hackathon (EDCON HACK).

The OmiseGO team was there again this year and we sure had a good time meeting community members, learning from other projects and sharing with others what we have been building.

Just very briefly, here is a recap of what we did.

EDCON HACK, April 8–10

The EDCON 2019 HACK was a 48-hour event that focused on technology implementation and innovation for Ethereum ecosystems. There was a contest on the most innovative builds within the 48 hours given, with prizes up to US$10,000. The event was open to hackers of all skill levels and they were given access to online workshops that happened before the main event, which offered information and knowledge on the tools to be used during the actual hackathon. OmiseGO engineers served as mentors to the hackers and Thibault, Lead Engineer was also a judge.

Congrats to the Cryptokids — Bronze Champs! 🏆

“It was interesting to watch what a very diverse group had to offer. It shows that the ecosystem we are working in cuts across a range of demographics, from age to interests. We had the Cryptokids who are in the blockchain space at a very young age, men and women coming together to form teams and groups that had specific interests such as Twitch Plays Pokemon on Plasma — their project demonstrates a growing interest in sidechains.”

-Thibault Denizet, Lead Engineer, OmiseGO and EDCON 2019 HACK Judge

A series of workshops were held throughout the hackathon and were designed to aide participants with their work. On the second day (April 9), Pong, Product Manager and a key team member behind the OmiseGO Developer Program (ODP) gave a workshop on building scalable applications with OmiseGO. And during the OmiseGO workshop, we announced that our alpha release, Ari is going public! 🚆

OMG Network Architecture

EDCON April 11–13

The main conference was a venue where concepts, developments and ideas within the blockchain, fintech and Ethereum communities were shared and exchanged. The aim was to boost communication and interaction of Ethereum communities worldwide and accelerate the sound development of the Ethereum ecosystem.

The conference kicked off with the standard registration and opening ceremony which involved a song and dance number by Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum and other Ethereum members. This was followed by an update on the state of Ethereum’s development and the ecosystem. The afternoon included a panel discussion on “Decentralizing economies and funding the commons”, which included Vitalik, Michael Faye, Co-founder of Give Directly, and Althea and Kelsie of OmiseGO.

Decentralizing economies and funding the commons panel discussion.

On the second day of the conference, Pepesza, Software Developer, OmiseGO, gave a talk entitled, “Building the OMG Network: Plasma and Securing Exchanges on Plasma.” He walked the audience through the security threats that centralized cryptocurrencies experience and how OmiseGO is exploring hybrid solutions that look to extend the security of plasma to asset exchange.

A slide from “Building the OMG Network: Plasma and Securing Exchanges on Plasma”.

On the final day, the OmiseGO team listened to other projects’ talks and had more time to interact with members within the Ethereum community.

We’d like to thank the organizers for putting together an awesome event! This was a long journey for many of us, but we were thrilled to find a vibrant blockchain scene when we arrived; not to mention great coffee and some pretty excellent weather. It was a great opportunity to connect with community members we have never met before and were able to share and exchange knowledge and experiences on the technology we are building and will continue to build on in the years to come.

Speaking of community members, we were able to meet Jet86 in person! Jet86 is none other than our OmiseGO community mod extraordinaire and valued team member. Because some of our team members are remote, the only chance to meet them is through events such as EDCON. Here is a more detailed recap of OmiseGO at EDCON and reflections from the point of view of a first-time attendee, and Australian local, Jet86: Reflections on EDCON 2019.