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The OmiseGO Developer Program (ODP)

The OmiseGO Developer Program (ODP) is an initiative that is part of the product development process. The objective of the ODP is to systematically and carefully facilitate usage and thorough testing of Proof-of-Concepts (PoCs) and early stage products in order to gain feedback for improvement. The program is aimed towards those who would like to build their own products, such as games, financial service applications, and education platforms on top of the OMG Network. Applicants of the ODP will fall into the developer category and are willing to work with unpolished and early stage codebase.

Early testers and integrators are given early access to the new products OmiseGO rolls out. Those in the program will also have opportunities to interact with each other and with the engineering team.

ODP application timeline
The ODP is an ongoing program and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The goal is for ODP participants to participate as Alpha testers for roll-outs before they are released to the public in Beta. What this means is that there is no real definite timeline or start and end dates.

While we have no definite dates set, here’s what we have planned out within the next three months:

End of February to beginning of April 2019:
1. Whitelisted access to the Alpha release of the OMG Network with integration guide
2. Access to a JS Starter Kit to start making transactions quickly on browsers
3. Communication channel established with OmiseGO Engineers
4. Early access to a ‘Getting Started Guide’ to the OMG Network

Aside from this expect other supporting services and libraries in other languages to be rolled out as well.

Beyond the alpha and beta Releases of our network, participants can expect interactive discourse with the product and engineering team at OmiseGO, including opportunities to share your opinions on what product and features you would like to see and build that will make your life as an integrator easier.

Given that acceptance to the ODP will happen on a rolling basis, the acceptance criteria is subject to change with each phase of development. Applicants who have applied and have not gotten accepted can still expect to be contacted in the future.

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