Added Code Samples and Easier Integrations!

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Learning the protocols and mechanisms that make the OMG Network can be daunting. It’s fairly new technology and there are a lot of moving parts involved. It’s why we released a brand new documentation site last month with an improved layout, code examples, and simpler FAQs. But there’s always room for improvement at OmiseGO, so we’re back with more updates to our documentation site!

1. More Visual

Documentation sites host technical, complicated content but that doesn’t mean navigation should be equally difficult. So we’ve created a new landing page and categorized everything into easy to find sections for integration tools and docs, code samples, and API references. We’ve also injected some color for good measure!

2. More Actionable

One of the major motives for creating the OmiseGO documentation site was to ensure integration with the OMG Network was as smooth as possible. We’ve improved upon that with the OMG Samples project, a collection of code samples for various libraries that implement OMG Network’s functionality. The project makes integrating with the OMG Network even faster and easier!

3. More Dev Portal-y

We’ve also introduced various changes to the OmiseGO developer portal:

  • New sections: The Tutorials section provides instructions on how to work with the various features and parts of the OMG Network. This includes the OMG demo wallet, and other OmiseGO products in the future. The Concepts section contains explanations of the OMG Network and Plasma so you get a better idea of what goes on under the hood.
  • Integration with the OMG Samples project: Each tutorial has a correspondent code sample you can run on your laptop. All of the code samples have test values anyone can use to run code. The values include public and private keys for Alice and Bob, as well as addresses for the root chain and ERC20 contracts.
  • Copy code buttons for each code sample: For a smoother user experience.

Code tabs for different programming languages: We’ve currently only included JavaScript but will add more languages in the future!

Check out the new OMG Network Documentation Site, and let us know what you think!