The OmiseGO eWallet SDK is Now Open Source!

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As discussed in Jun’s October blog post, Approach to Delivering Scalability, our plan is and was to openly share our progress with you as we proceed through the trials and tribulations of software development.

In that spirit, we are pleased to announce that the repositories for the OmiseGO eWallet, as well as our first server and mobile SDKs, are now publicly available for the purpose of onboarding eWallet providers.

As previously mentioned, blockchain support is not yet included; integration with the OMG Network and a clear migration path to full decentralization will be provided in the future. The first steps to decentralization and integration to the blockchain will occur later this year.

The opening of the code is not the full or final release of the SDK. It is only the first and most basic implementation of a single layer of the whole platform, not yet optimized for the decentralized economy that is our ultimate goal. As hinted by David at a recent meetup, the scalable PoS network and DEX are making incredible progress.

From now on, you will be able to closely follow the work our team is putting into the SDK; the repository containing all the details for developers to get started is available on GitHub.

We look forward to your testing, feedback, and also your pull requests! Please feel free to join in and provide any feedback through the GitHub issues tracker.