OmiseGO February Roundup

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Alpha release (Ari)

In February, we debuted our Alpha release (Ari) at ETH Denver. Ari is the conclusion of the current stage in our development cycle. It is the point in which we’ve become ready to start using our Plasma MoreVP implementation on a public Ethereum network with users.

Ari, being on a public Ethereum network now allows us in tandem with partners, to test the integration of third-party apps with our Plasma MoreVP network. At ETHDenver Hoard ran an iteration of Plasma Dog with a limited-edition Bufficorn skin for the Hackathon.

The Alpha release enables us to rigorously test and search for bugs on the network together with our partners like Hoard. Being on a public network allows more developers and entities to use and test our product allowing for a well-rounded feedback mechanism for creating iterations faster. In the first 24 hours of Hoard running their application on our network, we were able to test the capabilities and capacity of our system. Over 28.5k transactions were processed during that time.

Read more about Alpha Release (Ari) on our blog.

OmiseGO Developer Program

Together with the debut of Ari, we launched the OmiseGO Developer Program (ODP). The ODP is an initiative that is part of the product development process. The objective of this program is to facilitate the usage and thorough testing of our releases and other products.

The ODP is an ongoing program and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The program is aimed towards those who wish to build their own applications and programs on top of the OMG network. Early testers and integrators are given early access to test new products OmiseGO rolls out. As part of the program, testers and integrators can interact with one another and with the OmiseGO engineering team. There will also be opportunities to provide feedback, comments, and suggestions on what products and features should be built to make developer integration easier in future iterations.

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Technical Updates


Early in the month, our engineers focused on the development of the in-flight exits for ERC-20s and transaction metadata support, and updated Elixir and our Exthereum dependency. The team monitored the performance of our testnet on Rinkeby. Satisfied with the overall network performance, the initial updates to omg-js were merged. In the process, several bugs involving geth were identified and fixed.

The biggest news for February is the implementation of the Plasma MoreVP on a public Ethereum network –alpha release (Ari).

For more details check out Plasma Updates #13 and #14

OmiseGO eWallet Suite

We start off the month of February with the release of eWallet version 1.1.0 of the iOS SDK. This version allows the iOS apps to utilize the eWallet’s v1.1 features, such as user signup and login, and password management directly from their apps. This update also enables providers to setup their eWallet system without an intermediary application that stores and manages users.

During the second half of the month we focused on hashing out the technical design and strategy for Ethereum integration. This was a challenging task as it required consensus on how the eWallet would interact with the Ethereum network; everything from how public and private keys would be generated, stored, and retrieved for transaction signing, the strategy to operate on potentially thousands or more wallets, syncing token information and transactions and handling unexpected connectivity issues.

Additionally, we also worked on the Elixir 1.8 and Ecto 3.0 upgrades. These items, though invisible to users, ensure that the backbone of the eWallet codebase will continue to receive the latest features, security and bug fixes.

We started on our initial blockchain integration which determines how the eWallet generates new blockchain wallets. This lays the foundation of how the eWallet would interact with a blockchain client to retrieve wallet balances, tokens, perform transactions, and much more.

And finally, we have worked on finalizing the scope and tasks for eWallet version 1.2 and v2.0 cycle. This marks the beginning of the Ethereum integration work which a lot of us have been anticipating.

For more details on what the team worked on in February, check out eWallet Updates #17 and #18

Mobile Money and Financial Inclusion Feb 26–27 2019

OmiseGO’s Business Development Team presented the next generation financial services for mobile money to better serve end-users in Myanmar. Photo credit: ©Magenta Global Events

Events to look out for:

March 3, 2019 — Plasma Application Workshop | Making Micro-transactions on a Plasma chain (Online Workshop)

March 8, 2019 — Future of Payments — Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Singapore

April 8–10 2019 — EDCONHACK (workshop), Sydney

April 11–14, 2019 — EDCON, Sydney