OmiseGO January 2020 Roundup

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Tech Update

OmiseGO hit a major milestone this month by completing the audits of the contracts in our plasma framework. We engaged two auditors to find issues in our implementation and check the voracity of our contracts. The audit reports are ready and we’ll be releasing these to the public in the coming weeks. To know more about what we’re up to next, read blockchain update 35.


This month, we attended the 4th edition of Bangkok Enterprise Blockchain. Organised by Atato, this meeting focused on sharing real-world experiences of using blockchain for business, and how user experience can be improved to encourage adoption.

There, our Head of Commercial Units, Alexei Schaller, gave a presentation on “Enterprise Applications of the OMG Network.” He spoke about the ways OMG Network can help big businesses with things like exchange of assets, auditability requirements, and more.