OmiseGO Roadmap Update 2019

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We’re closing the first quarter of 2019 with a roadmap update. So here’s what’s new:

For the decentralized exchange (DEX), we’ve marked PoC DEX Phase 1 as completed. We continue to document its performance and are testing the viability of the DEX. This stage of the engineering process includes the plugging in of the proof-of-concept (PoC) into Ari, testing the performance of the DEX and Ari; and performing test measurements. With test measurements, we are measuring the DEX’s performance by observing and documenting its capacity and number of trades possible, and its characteristics which include the time it takes to place an order and settle a trade.

For our upcoming tasks, we’ve added a focus on Restricted Custody Proof of Design, which looks into different design options that can be used to ensure that the funds held in the DEX are safe.

We’ve made progress on the development of the OMG Network with the completion of our Alpha release (Ari). The Beta release is still in progress, this cycle focuses on stability and upgradeability. New features being worked on include support for ERC-712 and visibility of payments that are in progress. PoS Design Phase 1 is ongoing, and includes the reviewing of Honte PoS design, assessing other PoS mechanisms and assessing PoS variations. The focus on this has been eased to make way for other features that will generate greater network traffic before fully implementing PoS.

PoS Phase 2 which involves the final selection and definition of PoS is upcoming. Tesuji Plasma Mainnet, Hybrid PoS and Full PoS are on the pipeline. These items may not follow a chronological order of progression as they may be worked upon in tandem.

Development of the eWallet Suite has progressed with the completion of several iterations of eWallet 1.0–1.1. Version 1.2 is in development as of March 2019. This will be followed by eWallet 2.0 with Ethereum integration.

***Originally published on the OmiseGO March 2019 Newsletter ***