OmiseGO at Unblock Tokyo 2019!

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Building a product-ready layer 2 solution at Unblock Tokyo.

On the 5th of October, 2019, the OmiseGO team attended Unblock Tokyo, the largest gathering of blockchain innovators from around the world. Featuring the 40 most influential companies of the industry, Unblock had something to inspire and excite anyone interested in blockchain and its future.

Here’s a quick roundup of what transpired at the event.

The Definition of Production-Ready at OmiseGO

Speakers at Unblock included the minds behind MakerDAO, Blockstack, Harmony, Ontology,, RSK and NEO. The talks discussed project updates, industry insights, and the rise of Decentralized Finance.

Pong, our Technical Product Manager represented OmiseGO and spoke about “Building a Product Ready Layer 2 Solution.” The talk focused on the three categories we believe a layer-2 solution, like Plasma, has to fulfill before being declared ‘production-ready.’


Plasma’s main draw is its security and so it must be fail-safe to be declared production-ready. Security can be ensured with two processes: constant research and frequent security audits. Research keeps the solution at the cutting edge, and internal and external security audits ensure the software is safe at an objective level.


For a layer-2 solution to be considered fully usable, it must also behave as intended. Predictability ensures a benchmark for the technology and allows developers to define service-level agreements and assess the volume the network can handle.

Solid Ecosystem:

At OmiseGO, we believe that for a layer-2 solution to thrive after it’s in production, it has to grow with its ecosystem. This is why we want Plasma to complement dApps, developer tools, security tools and more. We understand that no software gets built in a vacuum, and want our SDK’s, docs, and guidelines to reflect our commitment to collaboration. 

Come See Us at Devcon 5!

From fireside chats on crypto product management to the importance of branding in blockchain, this year’s Unblock Tokyo had it all. But our team’s journey doesn’t end here, we’ll be at Devcon 5 in Osaka from 8th to 11th October and would love for you to come meet us!

Book a consultation session with the team and talk to us about building your project on the OmiseGO Network, see you there!