Open Sourcing Our React-Starter-Kit!

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Open Sourcing Our React-Starter Kit

One of our goals with the OMG Network during this testing and validation phase is to ensure as many of you interact with the network as much as possible. Not only does it help us find bugs but it also familiarizes you with the network and its subtleties. 

In pursuit of that goal, we’ve open sourced our react-starter-kit. This is an example application that implements the omg-js library and the use of web3 for signing transactions.

This react-starter-kit lets you do more with omg-js than the previous js-starter-kit and gives you more examples of integration with the network. You can also perform key interactions with the OMG Network using this application, such as depositing ETH and ERC20 into the network, transferring assets, exiting UTXO’s and processing exits.

For more information on initial setup and on how to run the application locally click HERE