Public Alpha Announcement – OMG Network v.01, Ari

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We’re excited to open up access to an Alpha release of the OMG Network to the public for the very first time. We’ve spent the past few weeks working with our partners and members of the OmiseGO Developer Program to test and validate the network. We’ve named this network Ari (อารีย์) which, in Thai, means hospitable, gentle, and accommodating. We believe that Ari has reached a level of functionality and stability that is ready for public testing and feedback. We hope that you’ll find it hospitable and accommodating.

This version of the OMG Network implements More Viable Plasma for ETH transfer and Minimal Viable Plasma for ERC-20 token transfer, with a single operator, secured against the Rinkeby Ethereum Testnet. It supports the full plasma lifecycle — deposits, transfers, exits, and in-flight exits. In our testing, we’ve already been able to process over 1.2MM transactions with a peak measured throughput of over 2700 transactions per second so far.

Please note that this is still Alpha software. There are known bugs that we’ve already patched but have not deployed. This includes issues that could make the contract insolvent. We will be performing a network upgrade to deploy these fixes and additional features in the coming weeks. We decided to perform the update after this launch so that we can invite public participation and feedback about the process.

Keep posted on our Alpha release updates and its announcements through our new Developer Portal at The portal is home to announcements, documentation and links to everything you need to get started integrating with and developing for the network –including channels for support and your feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you! Happy shipping!