OMG Network Rises Up to The Great Reddit Bake Off Challenge!

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Late last month, Reddit announced The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off, an open-invitation competition calling all Ethereum scaling projects to show the community a scaling solution that can be used to bring Community Points to mainnet.

When we took up the challenge we had one goal in mind: to build a live and scalable application that our 40K strong community can use to transfer ROCKS (community points) on the subreddit in real-time - all while fulfilling the technical requirements laid out by the Reddit Team.

It took us less than 30 days to achieve our goal.

Introducing the Community Points Engine by OMG Network!

The Community Points Engine (CPE) powered by OMG Network is a Chrome Extension that works on the r/omgnetwork subreddit. It's an intuitive tool that allows for fee-less and near-real-time value transfer while browsing the subreddit. Users can transfer points without entering the receiver's wallet address; the extension automatically extracts it for you, making transfers fluid and easy.
Ask OMGNeed help installing or using the Community Points extension?
Community Points Support Thread

But the CPE is not only built with the subreddit user in mind, the tool serves all types of Reddit users. So if you're a moderator, you can immediately mint and distribute points to anybody on the subreddit, as well as burn points and handle all admin actions with a user-friendly dashboard.

And if you're a Reddit team member, you can rest assured knowing that the OMG Network can withstand the traffic threshold that Reddit requires thanks to our MoreViable Plasma Technology.

It's no secret that designing for simplicity is hard, but simple is desirable, and that's why it was our priority with this application. Because while we understand and appreciate the value of trustlessness technology, the concept and the feature is inherently complicated. We want the CPE to be something everyone can use, and will only highlight technical elements when necessary.

Checking All The Boxes

Besides the solution being scalable and resilient, the Reddit Team laid out a few other guidelines that the solution should adhere to. We’re confident we’ve checked all the boxes.

The Community Point interface allows users to make fee-less transactions just like they would through a regular app. The integration is seamlessly built into the current subreddit browsing experience.

A Few Words on What We Care About

The blockchain ecosystem is well on its way to the mainstream and large-scale applications like Reddit are beginning to look at trustless technology to solve real problems. The time for experimentation and theoretical design is over; it's time for production-ready software to take center stage.

We stand by what we've built in the past 30 days and consider this challenge as good as any to showcase our seriousness as a product and a team. We treated the Great Reddit Bake-Off like a client project, leaving no stone unturned when it came to delivering a well-designed, well-documented, and well-developed solution.

The Bake-Off's specs are descriptive, but we know that great software is much more than that. It is a collaboration between client and solution provider. As we iterate on the CPE and run it live on our subreddit, we'll gain more insight into what we can do to improve the developer experience. APIs and documentations serve their purpose, but we want to move away from the "feel free to integrate" mindset and proactively fulfill integrator needs with a product that solves real pain points.

Nonetheless, a competition like this goes to show how mature the Layer-2 space has become over the past few years. As we advance as a company, we'll be sure to design, develop, and iterate on our product and look to see other projects grow from theoretical design to a complete product.

Finally, software is not done because we've met the deadline. There is always room for improvement. So over the next few days we will be inviting you all in to help us test the CPE Chrome Extension on our new subreddit: r/omgnetwork.

Find Out More

If you’d like to dig deeper into the CPE to understand the full architecture of the solution, visit the links below:

  1. Github Project — an open-source project that can be reviewed by anyone.

  2. Technical Specs - documentation that meets all of the requirements by the Reddit team.

  3. Latest release — the latest release of the project.

  4. User Guide — a step-by-step guide on how to use the demo application.

  5. Moderator Guide — moderator’s instructions on how to manage tokens and interact with smart contracts via an intuitive dashboard provided by Curvegrid.

Catch you on r/omgnetwork!

The OMG Network Team