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How Does OMG Network Reduce Crypto Exchange Fees?

In Blog, OMG Network by Connie Kwan

With crypto exchange fees soaring to nearly 500 Gwei on September 18th, 2020, we know exchanges and their users need a solution — fast. We’ve taken the first step to rein in high gas fees by integrating with Bitfinex, one of the largest crypto exchanges, to support transfers of the biggest gas-guzzler of them all: Tether (USDt).

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OMG Network’s Reddit Community Points Engine AMA

In Blog, Community by Darpan Keswani

Last week we launched the Community Points Engine (CPE) in response to Reddit’s Scaling Bake-off challenge on our new subreddit, r/omgnetwork. Post-launch, we asked our community if they had questions regarding the extension in a live AMA. Here’s a compilation …