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Why Would Enterprises Use the Public OMG Network?

In Blog, Enterprise by OMG Network

One of Reddit’s requirements for the bake-off (albeit listed as a bonus) is for users to be able to exit to Ethereum in a “fast & simple” manner. While fast exits are on the way, they only work with liquidity providers. But how would you find a liquidity provider for points that were directly minted on OMG? Would it be possible to have a smart contract on Ethereum that holds a portion of minted tokens and provides liquidity for exiting users?

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OMG Network 2020: Plasma Blockchain & Loyalty Points

In Blog, Enterprise, OMG Network by Vansa Chatikavanij

We founded OMG Network with the vision of enabling open finance services that are fast, cheap, and secure. We see that innovation will need to occur both at the infrastructure and application layer for this to happen. Our bread and butter product, the open public OMG Network, is a Layer-2 Ethereum scaling infrastructure which builds on our business and domain expertise of payments.

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OMG Network’s Reddit Community Points Engine AMA

In Blog, Community by Darpan Keswani

Last week we launched the Community Points Engine (CPE) in response to Reddit’s Scaling Bake-off challenge on our new subreddit, r/omgnetwork. Post-launch, we asked our community if they had questions regarding the extension in a live AMA. Here’s a compilation …