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Why Would Enterprises Use the Public OMG Network?

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One of Reddit’s requirements for the bake-off (albeit listed as a bonus) is for users to be able to exit to Ethereum in a “fast & simple” manner. While fast exits are on the way, they only work with liquidity providers. But how would you find a liquidity provider for points that were directly minted on OMG? Would it be possible to have a smart contract on Ethereum that holds a portion of minted tokens and provides liquidity for exiting users?

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Announcing OMG Network’s Bug Bounty Program

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The OMG Network allows developers to build scalable, decentralized payments apps on a high throughput value transfer layer. As a financial network, security is a core tenet in all our engineering efforts, however, we realize no technology is perfect! That’s why we’ve launched a bug bounty program allowing participants to identify and submit vulnerabilities that could negatively impact OMG Network users.