Uphold: 2020, a New Decade of Blockchain

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Before the year ended we spoke to Uphold’s Michelle O’Connor about how we’re currently in the infancy of blockchain technology similar to the 90’s early stages of the internet and how 2020 brings a new decade of blockchain.

Who is Uphold? How does it work?

Uphold is a digital money platform founded in 2013, we support 23 FIAT currencies and 27 cryptocurrencies and tokens and 4 commodities (like gold). Uphold enables seamless movement between any form of value we support, easily and instantly within our secure platform. Users anywhere in the world* have access to the currencies see support and can hold, send, exchange and where bank connectivity is available withdraw to their bank account. 

We have users in over 183 countries, and our users range from digital nomads who enjoy the accessibility Uphold provides, giving access to instant conversions to a base currency. They can be working from the beaches of Bali, invoice an employer in London and get paid in USD all with transparency and very low fees. This is just one of the many examples of how Uphold solves the lack of transparency that exists in legacy banks and gives portability to anytime access to anything, anywhere. 

How can one go about purchasing OMG Tokens on Uphold? Can they purchase from anywhere in the world?

Users anywhere Uphold offers service can purchase, hold, despots or withdraw and exchange OMG tokens. This can be done via any funding method we support including sending into Uphold from an external wallet or exchange. We support debit/credit card account funding anywhere we offer service as well as funding from a bank account currently in the US and EU (more markets coming soon)! 

What would you tell those hesitant to dip their toes into crypto because of its volatility? 

We always advise users and consumers in general to do their own research and make informed decisions. 

With the decade ending, how does 2020 and beyond look like for blockchain and cryptocurrency? 

Great question, having been among the first platforms to offer connectivity of legacy banks to crypto currency and other digital assets utilizing blockchain technology we believe this space is still in the very early stages. Think the early days of the internet, not everyone had an email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, none of this existed yet. There were the early adopters who laid the foundation for the 4.1 BILLION users who can now surf the web daily. Democratized access to financial services like money exchange, invoicing, payments, conversions – these were all functions previously only accessible via legacy banks or money exchanges like Western Union – which came with hefty fees, zero transparency and took days to get from point A to point B.

The industry has so much potential, just look at the OMG Network! At Uphold, too, we are just a few weeks away from industry leading announcements that will pave the way for mainstream adoption.